HOT NEWS! OHM Medical Signs Distribution agreement with Act+Fact Anti Choking Trainer

Hot News! 

One of OHM Medical Vision is to bring products to our customers that help saves life. Whether it’s our PHILIPS AEDs or our CPR Training, we want to give out customers the BEST product that help saves lives. We believe Act+Fast Anti-Choking Trainer will do just that. 

Voted as one of the HOT Products with JEMS 2009. JEMS states “The ActFast Anti-Choking Trainer is a true breakthrough in CPR training. Put on the vest and try your technique; if it’s poor, nothing happens. But if your hand position and technique are correct, a foam plug shoots into the air, providing exciting proof of success. This device allows instructors to know when their students have learned the technique properly. It’s easy, fun and foolproof, and works in conjunction with a standard bag-valve mask. Students leave class trained and confident, and they never forget.” 

OHM Medical will be selling this product very soon. Come back to our website ( and read more or purchase this product. 

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