OHM Medical & PHILIPS Sponsors 2011 BMO Vancouver Marathon

A very successful day at the this huge event. The weather was perfect and the people were warming up by running around block. A total of 50,000 people gathered in the downtown core and be amazed by 16,000 runners who ran the full marathon and half-marathon. With the assistance of PHILIPS Healthcare and OHM Medical, a total of 10 AEDs, 4 MRx Advance Life Support (ALS) Monitors, and one MP2 Cardiac monitor were onsite ready to be used on incoming patients. OHM Medical team was there to support the medical team as the Clinical Application Specialist for the AEDs and ALS Monitors (MRx). The MRx and MP2 monitors were fully utilized and we were able to diagnose a myocardial infarction and abnormal ECG’s with the MRx monitor capable of doing a stat 12-Lead ECG. With the guidance of the fast acting ER Physicians, several patients were transported to the local Hospital to have further tests done. Luckily no one had to be resuscitated or defibrillated. The RockDoc Inc and Mass Gathering Medicine team lead by Dr Sam Gutman and Dr. Adam Lund were phenomenal. Great Job everyone and OHM Medical will be in full force for the next event. Enjoy the photos.


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