AliveCor iPhone ECG

This little device is able to detect all kinds of rhythms on a person. V-Tach, A-Fibs, SVT, etc. Although it doesn't interpret the ECG, this device can revolutionize health care. A medical clinic doctor could have his/ her patient hold on to the iPhone ECG device and the physician could determine if the patient should be sent to the hospital or not. Although this technology is still quite new, the possibilities for this device will be endless. A person with some cardiac disease would be able to find out if he/ she should be seeing a physician right away or not. For the general public, this device is great!

On the other hand, some paramedics and physicians say this device may not be useful in the field. All Advance Cardiac Life Support Paramedics will have an ALS Monitor at their side so it's pointless to have this device. Also, hospital use for this device would be limited because ECG technologist and Bedside Monitors are close by. Some may even say this may even increase visits to the local Emergency department because non-medical personnel would panic if they see something strange on the iPhone.

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